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Why Date Everyone Else When You Can Date Yourself?

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The single life...Why does the word single still terrify people? Single should never be a negative word. It's the complete opposite. Embrace your single life as long as you can. One of our mottos has always been "date yourself before you date anyone else" When you take a break from the dating life you really get to know yourself and you get to learn exactly your upcoming wants and needs for when you do end up in a relationship with someone new.

Shouldn’t you treat yourself better than anyone else will ever treat you? Its okay to be selfish as long as you can. And by selfish we mean that in a way of being kind to yourself. That will help build an inner peace of mind and freedom. When you can actually give yourself a reason to smile everyday watch how the world will be a better place. Others around you will appreciate it as well.

Take yourself to a movie, go sit by yourself at a bar, talk to strangers, have a netflix night, workout, buy yourself roses, whatever makes YOU happy do it. Don’t wait for all these things to come from a partner. When you treat yourself like the love of your life, by the time you add a partner in your life they will provide all of that and then some.

You can accomplish a lot of great things when you actually take the time to date yourself. Things that you didn't even know you wanted to do or have a passion for. Sometimes when people get in relationships they get in a comfort zone and forget about their dreams and passions. Some do not know how to balance their single selves with their relationship selves. Prior to getting in a fully committed relationship keep growing as an individual and remember everything you accomplish.

What happens when you start getting too comfortable with things just being you? When you do end up meeting someone does it turn into the “only child syndrome” and you don’t want to share? How do you make that transition to let someone in? Start with the basics. Day by day is key and ALWAYS communicate. This will be the start of a great foundation in your relationship. If you need alone time let your partner know in a peaceful way and respectful way and then get your quality time in later so there's a balance.

Be a successful single to yourself!

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