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The Pressure Of Age

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img-0034-dxo.jpgWhy do we feel the need to make age such a priority when it comes to dating, sexlife, and marriage? When we factor in age it’s like the pressure is on. What would happen if we grew up from the start where it wasn’t drilled in our society that you must have the All American White Picket Fence kind of lives? What would happen if you just went with the flow of life? In today’s society are we moving away from the typical need to be married and have kids by a certain age? We feel more females are choosing to be more focused on their careers and being lady boss’s rather than the need to be married by a certain age.

We have had some RHC customers say that guys start dating them with the intentions of getting married and then all of a sudden their minds change and they back out. We’ve seen this happen more and more lately and that plays a factor into why women are more career driven and focused on life on their own instead of having false hope. Some women are turned off when a guy immediately wants to get married and have kids. It seems more and more women are jaded from this idea. As little girls in the US, we are raised with the image of finding a Disney Prince and having all his babies, so the pressure of age starts from a young age and is drilled into a lot of us. When you hit the age of 25-35 and you’re still single why do people feel the need to freak out? So what if you’re the last single guy or girl of your friends group? So what if your parents keep asking for the grandkid or the husband or wife? So what if you are the cool single Uncle or Aunt? Shouldn’t YOU just be enough? You shouldn’t feel a life validation because you added a spouse or a child to your life. Those are special additions when the timing is right. If you get married just to be married how healthy could that relationship really be? Especially when we all have the choice to take our time and develop our lives and be great at that first and then add the extra bells and whistles.

We know that women tend to stress over the pressure of age when it comes to becoming a mother. There is so much technology in the world enough to take the pressure away. Yes we know you don’t want to be an 80 year old with a 5 year old child, however you have time. Take that time.

We think men stress over age a little later in life. We have a male RHC customer who is still looking for love in the wrong places and wants to settle in his forties. He made the comment of he’s not getting any younger so he feels the need to find that one special person. After talking to him we asked him “does he just want a person because of his age?” He said yes. Our follow up was “do you feel the need to settle because of your age?” He mentioned that he is the only single guy left out of all his friends, he has the house, career, pool, and no relationship so it would be nice to have someone there. We agree that it’s nice to have someone there, however don’t just pick anyone just because you are starting to feel the pressure of age or even loneliness. Be with someone that you are head over heels with and that you truly love no matter how old you are. You will live a happier life and have a higher relationship success rate when you put in your YOU time and are with someone that you actually want to spend the rest of your life with and not based on age or a timeframe.

We will end this by just saying grab your single life by the balls and roll with what life gives you no matter what age you are!  Have fun! You can do anything you want in this life no matter how old you are. If people tell you otherwise...the hell with them! Stay true to YOU!

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Photography - Erickson Photography

Model/Artist  Marlene Jorge 

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