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The Freedom of Forgiveness

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Forgiveness. Easier said than done right? What would happen if we told you forgiveness is one of the most powerful things to do after a breakup. It does not mean that you lost a battle, or that you are weak. It’s the complete opposite. It makes you grow stronger and it frees the heart. Yes this is something that clearly takes time especially when someone broke your heart or broke you to the core of your soul. It makes you think...”How could I forgive someone that’s done something so awful to me?” “Why would I want to forgive them?”

The answer is simple. YOU. You are the exact reason why forgiveness is such a huge part in the after breakup process. The longer you hold on to what’s hurting you, the longer it’s going to take you to move on. Holding the feeling of hurt in your heart does more damage than good. It causes lots of daily stress which can lead to you not being the best YOU. You may end up taking that stress out on others, skin breakouts, unhealthy habits, and just not being the best you or your normal self. This is a process, and the path to forgiveness can be hard. We’ve come up with a few steps to getting you there.

Exercise- Even if you are not into working out going for a 10-30 min walk can help your endorphins and helps clear the mind body and soul. Yoga, Running, Pole Dancing are also fun ways to move and clear the mind.

Meetups- Getting a bunch of friends together and just talking and finding people that can relate to what you are going through. It lets you know that you're not alone in the world.

Laugh- This is a fantastic way to lead to forgiveness. When you can end up laughing about the hurt you’ve come a long way.

Once you come to the realization that forgiveness has nothing to do with the person who caused you pain and damage you feel the freeness inside your body.

There are a few good ways to communicate forgiveness to the one that hurt you. If you took the path of never speaking to your ex then try writing your inner thoughts in a journal. Not only are you forgiving, but writing is therapeutic and may bring up some other thoughts you didn’t know you had. Perhaps write a I forgive you goodbye letter to your ex. Fold it up and be done with the past.

If you are still cool enough with your ex and you want to share your feelings a phone call is very healthy. In the long run you may point out some factors that they didn’t even realize that they did to you and can get a sincere apology and you come out on top with even more respect. Always be the respectable ex.

Taking the time to forgive the past is a difficult journey. When you get there watch how much more you enjoy this little thing called life! Your heart will be full of love not only for you but for that special someone down the line.

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