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Holiday Heartbreak

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Damn… Holiday heartbreak is something no one wants to go through. However it happens often. What is it with holidays that make people end the year in heartbreak, or people breaking hearts? If you’re ending the year in heartbreak we have some tips that will help ease the pain.

Take a min to step away from the situation. The more you try to force something that is not going to continue, it will end up causing more pain than the pain you are already in.

Reach out to family/friends- Even when you are feeling like you just want to lay on the couch and cry all day, it’s okay to reach out to family and friends at this time in your life. You never know who will end up making you laugh or smile when the time is right.

Journal- This is a great way to get your personal thoughts out. Even when we reach out to family and friends, sometimes we still hold back the truth of our deep feelings. Another great thing about journaling is when you end up getting out of the dark cloud of heartbreak you can go back and look at how you were feeling and truly know how you never want to feel again. Always grow from heartbreak. It’s a lesson that makes us stronger.

Exercise- This simply helps the mind body and soul. In the long run who wouldn’t want their ex to see the upgraded you? :)

For the New Year we wish everyone Love. Love is the only thing is the world that actually does not hurt. Carry love in your heart every single day!

Happy New Year to our little Rejected Hearts!


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