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How To Tame the Untamable

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When you meet someone that is well off on their own how do you tame them? How do you manage to make your way in. Let's think of your hardcore independent woman. Do people think that they are unapproachable? Are these women the type women that say they don’t need a man? How would someone make their way into their heart?

Your strong minded woman does think and knows she can handle life on her own. People see her as strong, confident, and unstoppable. It’s rare for this personality to go ask for help. If/when she does, it really means that she needs the help and she ran out of all other options. When it comes to a woman like this, dating is typically non-existent. Not so much that she doesn’t need or want a man, it’s the fact that she can do everything on her own, and adding someone else has to be worth her time. Time is a very valuable thing in the world of an independent soul. Time is all we have. With that said a woman like this thinks of guys as accessories. It’s always been our philosophy that guys are all accessories until you find the the perfect one that fits and matches. Until then nothing more, nothing less. The untamable woman is perfectly fine being single for long periods of time.  We are here to show you a few steps on how to get into her world. It’s a process BUT once you’re in you will be one lucky man.

#1. Be Confident- Basically don’t be a pussy! That’s the only way we could phrase this one. If she wanted to date another woman she would. But since she’s choosing you then maintain your swag. She won’t date down.

#2. Don’t Over Sweat Her- A woman like this gets cattle called, gets the “hey sexy” text, gets lots of attention. It’s usually from guys that she doesn’t want the attention from. It’s always appreciated, however she would prefer it coming from someone she actually liked which is rare. With that said...just play it cool. If she likes you things will happen naturally. At that point make sure you give her the right attention and respect that she deserves.

#3. Maintain Your Independence- A woman like this most likely won’t end up with a guy who doesn’t have any extra talents or hobbies. Since she’s busy living her life and doing her own thing, it’s too easy for her to get bored with someone that doesn’t have their own thing going on as well. 

#4. Be.A.Man- She won’t date boys. Boys will be like flies she keeps swatting away. She feels as if she has enough testosterone for the both of you. You have to reassure a strong personality that you can hold your own. Do not be scared of her. On the inside she is most likely a softy, but it just takes a little bit to get through her strong layers. Make the first move. She’s used to making the moves on guys so change it up. This is where the confidence will kick in.

#5. Call Her Out- She will most likely think she’s right at least 95% of the time. When she slips it’s really okay to call her out on her bs. She will appreciate it and back off. It lets her know that you’re not intimidated by her. Just remember she still is a woman so do this step with ease.

#6. Take Control In The Bedroom- Your new independent woman is always the dominate one in her day to day life. When she is fully relaxed with you she will enjoy a guy that takes control in the bedroom. 

#7. Appreciate Her- This will go a really long way. And the pay off in a huge will be incredibly worth it. Once she’s in the vulnerable state she trust you with everything she has inside and out. When she feels appreciated she will go out of her way to show you how much that means to her.

Now that we’ve giving you a few tips on how to Tame The Untamable...Go get the girl that you think is out of your league, or your dream woman, or just the girl you know will make your heart happy in the long run but you’ve been too afraid to say it. Go for it. Life is always a risk and the worst that can ever happen is a no.

Models- Stephanie Wells and Tonisha D

Photography- Jamie Batiste Photography

Accessories- Rejected Hearts Club

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