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Detox The Toxic

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It’s that time of year to start thinking of what’s next for the New Year. Think of what’s weighing you down. Have you been in a relationship that has not been healthy for the mind, body, and soul? Are you still holding on to the past but the past isn’t holding on to you? For some reason it's always hard to let go off the people that hurt us. A lot of us strive to keep relationships that we know are not good for us, however we want to “fix” the issues. At what point in any relationship do you decide to let go? You have to figure out how to be emotionally intelligent. It may take a little while to get there, but once you’re there it’s freeing. Your heart and mind will open up. Remember YOU cannot change someone...YOU can change your actions towards someone. Toxic people defy logic and no one can argue with a toxic person. That’s a battle you should never want to win. The battle that you should want to conquer is the battle you have over yourself. It’s a struggle to figure out how to let this person go. Letting them go does not necessarily mean cutting all ties if that scares you. It simply means creating healthy boundaries. Some examples of this could be as follows:

Communicate Less- Communication can start on your terms. You don’t need to be so available to this person. The more they know you are available to them at any time the easier it is for them to get inside your head and still maintain control of the situation.

Social Media- The Unfollow button is a powerful thing. In today's world people are more sensitive due to social media. We always say Social Media is not real life however it’s apart of this generation's daily life so people are more prone to being offended quicker than normal. The less you see the easier it is for you to carry on with your daily life. If things are really out of control the Block/Delete button is also a powerful thing. Just takes one simple click!

In Person- The respectable thing to do would be to have a grown up conversation with the toxic person. Tell them what you no longer will tolerate in your life and put your foot down if needed. Let them know this is the only way to better the relationship. If they aren’t accepting the new terms then you know what you will have to do and don’t cave in. You can only move forward and wish that person the best. Also be respectful and leave a situation with a high head and on a high note.

If you end your year with an end of the year clean up of toxic relationships, watch how your new year will be more happy and healthier. The longer you hold on to the toxic ones it causes unwanted stress. No one wants to start a new year with stress.

Out with the old and in with the new YOU!


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