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Chivalry Isn't Dead...Put In The Work

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We hear this all the time in today's world. "Chivalry is dead" "Why can't men open doors?" "Why, Why, Why?" Instead of asking why's and complaining or waiting for a guy to treat you like you deserve why not put a different energy out there? Instead ask yourself what have I done for someone lately? Or if you're in a relationship think about how you're treating your guy. Are you doing things for him that deserve getting the chivalry that you want or expect? Chivalry is only dead to the ones that have high expectations and have not worked or earned the privilege of having what we like to call "the gentleman treatment"

Try our version of female Chivalry. Go back to the basics.

#1. Cook- Ladies do you see how happy your guy is after he's had a good meal? Is there a dish that his mom used to make for him that he always talks about? Get to cooking and see what that gets you. Side note: No matter how good of a cook you are you will never be his mom so don't try to be or don't get offended if he thinks the mom dish you made isn't the same. If you cannot cook try a cooking class with your partner and make an event out of it.

#2. Take HIM Out- Flip the script. Ask him on a date. Not only will he be flattered but you get to control the entire night and still end up getting what you want and he won't even notice;) Even more brownie points if you pick him up in your car. He will open the door for you and be so grateful he'll end up treating you. At least pay for one or two of his drinks since you asked him out.

#3. The Man Basket- This works like a charm. Make a cute little basket of a few of his favorite things. Does not have to be pricey. A cute example would be some love coupons and add some of your sexy selfies to go with it. Guys are very visual creatures and you want him thinking about you right? A new pair of boxers or whatever you prefer him to wear that's sexy to you. Perhaps a gift card to his favorite taco or burger place. Cute little things that remind him why you're a wonderful lady.

#4. Mind Your Business- No need to be the girl that goes through his phone. Be honest...If you saw him doing that to YOU how pissed would you be. Trust him enough to know he’s being good. If not then the truth will eventually come out.

When you put out what you want from others into other people watch how your relationships start to change. So chivalry is more than alive. We just call it respect for you partner or potential partner. There are guys that still open doors, say their please and thank you’s, treat women to dinners, runs their bubble baths etc. When a guy is treated right he will go above and beyond for their lady. So flip the script and try something new.

Have some other tips? We love your thoughts. Let us know.

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