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  "There is always special light at the end
  of a hard road, for everyone who maintains
  that desire to keep that flame
  burning brighter..."




Photography: M Shawn Photography

Rejected Hearts Club is the story of three hearts. The heart you gave away, the heart that was rejected, and the heart we give back to you! How did you turn a negative into a positive? 

Jamie started this business after a really hard breakup... One day she decided that another creative outlet was warranted that not only would heal herself but heal others who were hurt.

"I turned a breakup to a business and regained my independence. We have all had plenty of struggles; its how you come out of it that matters the most. I create jewelry for Men and Woman that transform into stand-out pieces that command attention and exude confidence. Always remember to love yourself no matter what or who hurts you."                                                                                                                                                                     

~Jamie Batiste